About Us


Our company was established in 1948 with the title of İm Teshin Equipments Manufacturing Firm. Inspired by our founder plumber dealing with the profession of gains seen during the construction of the installation of boilers brought from abroad until this date and started to manufacture boilers in a small shop in Ulus, Ankara signing a policy …

In 1996, KUBUŞ BOYLERSAN MAK. INS. ICR. SINGING. TIC. LTD. Sti. Our company incorporated under the name “KUBUŞ you BOYLE” by speeding up the activities of the brand has continued to manufacture a wide range of products.

Our company KIRIKKALE ORG. SINGING. It has been moved to 1100 m2 and has 6000 m2 closed area and has 4 halls with 100 employees.

In 2007, our company started mass production of enameled rapid boiler and closed expansion tanks started in 2014. Our company is also engaged in manufacturing boilers for the first time Turkey has become the first company that produces 5000 liters enamel again along the boiler and expansion tank in Turkey. This means economic gain for our customers.

Our company, which has been successful for many years, will do more works in the near future, and we have full faith.